Artistic Portfolio

A photo shoot with any performer is a bit of a thespian endeavour. For your career, one portrait could decide everything. For that one split second when the shutter opens - you're not you. You are a character on stage.

Together we create that character: what are his or her thoughts, how do they feel? Curiosity, happiness, sadness, anger, fear, guilt ... When emotions scurry across the face - the camera captures every nuance.

Isn't an artistic portfolio just for actors? Musicians, singers and speakers, even businessmen - if you need to present yourself to perspective clients, an artistic portfolio helps you to get your character heard and seen. How is this different to a regular photo shoot with a private client? The emotional range! An artist is not afraid to look strange, contemplating, very serious or even frowning, if this is what the character requires. 

Packages for Artistic Portfolio

I offer two packages for an artistic portfolio.
The first is a head shot against a light or a dark background. The focus here is on creating an excellent portrait for your profile. I call this "The Avatar Shoot". I could offer 40% of a discount for actors agencies and schools.
The second package is all about telling a story. We discover, create and bring to life different characters. This means several wardrobe changes during one photo shoot. Perhaps even several locations. Whatever it takes to create the perfect ambience and image! At the end of the photo shoot, we will discuss which pictures you would like to have retouched. 

Avatar photo shoot: $250
  • Daylight or studio light
  • One hour of shooting time
  • Two or three changes of clothes
  • Five final portraits in retouch with all good pictures on a disk 
  • One hour is more then enough to do the great pictures
  • For actors agencies and schools I give 40% of a discount

    Story photo shoot: $450
  • Daylight or studio light
  • Two or three hours of shooting time
  • Three or more changes of clothes
  • Two or three different locations
  • Ten final portraits in retouch with all good pictures on a disk 

    For questions and enquiries please call 0411742462.