Commercial and Editorial Photographer

I'm a self-employed professional with over 10 years' experience. As an editorial and commercial photographer I work with the various types of clients, I had collaboration with creative businesses and designers. There is a great satisfaction to see final shots that were made by a team of passionate people: make up artists, stylists, producers and clients.

My favorite role is a commercial and product photographer which works for clients needs. Together we create a concept of a photo shooting and make the perfect pictures for a campaign or an advertisement in a magazine. I work with bars, restaurants, interior designers and clothing retailers.

I have a many years experience in managing photo shooting during production process, both in studio and on location, which includes setting up camera & compute, lighting setup, managing sets and props, as well as working with assistants in all aspects of the production. I have my own professional studio light equipment and a small lighting kit for a location photo shooting.

You can see my other works on the different pages of my website
For questions please call Maria Savelieva 0411 7424 62.