Profile head shots and corporate portraits
One of the most popular business portrait requests is a simple headshot with a white background - commonly used for a corporate website or a social media account, such as Facebook, LinkeIn etc. Usually such image follows the established rules of business photography and the requirements of corporate branding. There are many options that can be tailored to your specific requirements. For example headshots with an absolute-white background look perfect on white web pages, where the photo borders become practically invisible.
The photos below illustrate a more traditional option of a background with a hint of colour or subtle hue. Here, it is important to follow the corporate style and look. In my portfolio you can see images created for a variety of companies. If however, the images were to be those of staff from one company, the headshots would need to be taken and edited accordingly, in-line with the corporate identity requirements. One way to ensure a timeless look for your company visuals, is to use only black and white photography. This way you can employ a number of different photographers over the years and still easily adhere to the corporate style.
The size and image composition are two other important aspects of the visual style. A classic profile headshot ends just below the shoulder line. A less traditional "waist-length" shot, where the image includes not only the shoulders but also the arms and hands, is often requested by business coaches, real estate agents, teachers and artistic individuals who wish to make use of body language in their imagery. I call this type of photography - Artistic Headshots.
To create such a portrait, I will visit you in at your location, and bring with me all the necessary studio equipment and the suitable backdrop. During the shoot, on average 3-5 good portraits can be created, with different composition and background. Approximately an hour of quiet time is required for the photoshoot - mobile switched off. The shoot shouldn't be squeezed in between two important meetings or into a lunch break - it requires a kind of creative vacuum, without visitors, reports or other interruptions. If more than one person is being photographed, please consider not only the number of the photoshoot participants, but also the required portraiture composition. Each shoulder-length headshot takes about 5-7 minutes to create, whilst one waist level shot can take over 20 minutes.

If none of the options described above are suitable and you're looking for something different - a Creative Portrait will fulfil your requirements. Such photos are commonly used for publications or in personal blogs. It is the perfect option for those who aren't looking for a classical portrait, but rather an image that is more "alive" and conveys the subject's charisma. Here we focus on how, through a simple headshot against a monotone background , we can convey information about the business and the person crearively and effectively.
This photo must tell a story about the person in the frame: who it is, what they do, their character, what kind of lifestyle they have... Such portraits can take over two hours to create. They require a preliminary meeting, where we discuss the purpose and the required outcomes of the shoot, as well as the feasibility of implementing the creative ideas you might have.

I offer a few packages for profile head shots and corporate portraits.
The first package is a head shot against a light background. The focus here is on creating a crisp and simple portrait for your profile. I call this "The simple head shot". It will take a half an hour of shoot and you will get couple final pictures on a white background as a result. The second package will consist a photoshoot on black or white background with more creative result. The focus here is on showing your personality. I call this "Artistic head shot". The third package is telling a small story about you and your business. This means several wardrobe changes during one photo shoot. Perhaps even several locations. Whatever it takes to create the perfect ambience and image! At the end of the photo shoot, we will discuss which pictures you would like to have retouched.

Simple head shot: $150
Studio light
A half an hour of shooting time
One change of clothes
Two final portraits in retouch with all good pictures
Processing time is three days
Extra retouched portrait - $10 per picture

Artistic head shot: $250
Studio light
One hour of shooting time
One or two changes of clothes
Five final portraits in retouch with all good pictures
Processing time is five days
Extra retouched portrait - $15 per picture

Creative portrait: $450
Daylight or studio light
Two or three hours of shooting time
Three or more changes of clothes
Two or three different locations
Ten final portraits in retouch with all good pictures
Processing time is one and a half week
Extra retouched portrait - $25 per picture

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