Real Estate Photography

I’ve worked as a photographer for more than eight years. I have all the equipment and knowledge to work as a real estate photographer. When I'm presenting the front of a house, I always find the perfect spot. Sometimes the best view of a house can be shown in a panoramic picture. I can take pictures of a house in twilight.

My main aim during the shooting is to show the atmosphere and space of a house, not only the views of every room. I always do a few different views of each room to show all the details of a house. In some cases I do HDR photography and merge two-three different photos manually in Photoshop to show light and shadow in one picture, obtaining a good photo of a room with a view of the outside through windows.

Packages for Real Estate Photography and Interior design

The price consists of quantity of a shooting of one house, size of the a house (one floor or more) and volume of a retouch. The photoshoot could take from one hour to four. I will provide a service with three days delivery for the result.

One or two bedroom property / one visit / 15 pictures - $250
Three bedroom property or two bedroom property with a pool or a garden / one visits / 20 pictures - $300
Three bedroom property with more then two levels / one visit / 25 pictures - $350
Three bedroom property with a pool or a garden / one visit / 30 pictures - $400
Extra visit (dusk & day facade) / 3-5 pictures - $50
Extra Retouch (optional) - average price is 10$ for one picture (new grass, big scratches on the walls etc)

For questions and enquiries please call 0411742462.

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